Meet some of the UK Herschel Scientists

Building and operating the three Herschel instruments is a big international endeavour.  Eighteen institutes in eight countries have contributed to the SPIRE project, and the other instruments have similarly large teams.

Members of the international SPIRE team, at the final consortium meeting before launch.

Click on the institutes below to meet and contact some of the UK people involved in Herschel.  Find out how some of the scientists felt after the successful launch of the telescope here.

UK SPIRE Institutes:

Astronomy Technology Centre

Cardiff University 

Imperial College  

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 

University of Sussex 

Other UK Herschel Institutes Include:

Birmingham University

University of Cambridge

Durham University

University of Hertfordshire

Liverpool John Moores University

University of Nottingham

Open University

University of Oxford

University of St Andrews

University College London

...and many more...