Image Use policy

The majority of the images on this site have been released publicly by ESA and/or NASA. The UK Herschel team is not responsible for the terms of the ESA/NASA policies. The copyright notice for ESA images is available here, while the image use policy for NASA is available here. The basic outlines of each are below for your convenience, but please refer to the linked webpages for further details. These agreements may change; please follow the links for up-to-date terms and conditions.

ESA Copyright Notice

Most images have been released publicly from ESA. You may use ESA images or videos for educational or informational purposes. The publicly released ESA images may be reproduced without fee, on the conditions detailed here.

The use of ESA video images in streaming and downloadable format is limited to direct viewing and/or file storage on a single computer per stream and/or download. Forwarding of files or streams to other computers, or use on any non-ESA Web is prohibited. For the authorisation of any such use, please contact ESA Multimedia at

NASA image use policy

As a US government entity, NASA does not license the use of NASA materials or sign licensing agreements. The agency generally has no objection to the reproduction and use of these materials (audio transmissions and recordings; video transmissions and recording; or still and motion picture photography), subject to the conditions detailed here.